This is Chio-chan chapter 30.

This is basically the last chapter of Volume 6, the omake being a stand-alone story not involving characters from Chio-chan. Volume 7 comes out in September, so rather than starting with magazine chapters to jump back into the tank halfway through, we’ll just wait until the tank is out and go to magazine after it’s done.





  1. Thanks for the release! With this and Tomo chan both on a short hiatus, it’ll get slow around here. You wanting to take a break, or you going to put effort into other series?

    1. I want to take a breather. And it’s the vacation period at my work, so that means doing a 3 persons job alone, so all I wanna do when I get home is eat and lounge. That’s why I was in a hurry to get all of Vol 6 released a week ago. Omake will probably be released next week and GabDro during late July-August (I don’t work on that though), so it’s not like we’re 100% dead. But, yeah, until everything is caught up to magazine levels, I’m not working on anything else, or if I do something, it’s a brand new series, not something over 800 pages behind.

      1. Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. Hope you enjoy your break and don’t let work kill you. Thanks for your hard work around here.

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